Pirate Queen… Grace O’Malley… Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race…

Once in a lifetime, an opportunity comes along to be part of something great, something meaningful, a part of making history. This is your chance to add your support to help Zoe Taylor become the first female skipper ever to win the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Overall on Handicap…

Something that has never been achieved by a woman before – she plans to change that!

The Iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is amongst the toughest ocean races on the planet, the Everest of sailing. It requires unimaginable physical and mental endurance, perseverance and resilience to compete and complete.

In 2018, Zoe became the first female skipper in the history of the race to win an IRC and ORCi Division, the most highly recognized and contested categories in yacht racing.

This landmark achievement marks the talent, the passion and the skill of Team Grace O’Malley, with Zoe at the helm. She is their skipper, she is their navigator, she is their leader.

The team named after Grace O’Malley, the 16th Century Irish Pirate Queen, draws inspiration from the trailblazer that defied the odds and became a hero of the sea, protecting and leading her clan on the rugged West Coast of Ireland.

In the footsteps of Grace O’Malley (400 years ago), Zoe’s brave ambition to lead a trailblazing change will demonstrate that strong women can and do deliver when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges in high-pressure environments.

2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

It is set to be the most contested, celebrated and publicised Race to date.

Team Grace O’Malley has their sights set on progressing from a Divisional win to an Overall Handicap win.

This has never been achieved by a female skipper.

Zoe aims to be the first female skipper to win Overall, an outstanding history-making moment which would lead and inspire the next generation of female sailors not just nationally but globally.

Zoe now faces the most challenging and defining moment of her sailing career. She has the strength to lead the team that can compete and win, battling the unforgiving elements of the formidable seas.

However, her immediate challenge is that of funding.

This, to ensure the team has a high fast performing vessel and sails, rigging and equipment capable of giving them the best opportunity of winning in 2019. The stakes are high but within reach.

Since Team Grace O’Malley inception in 2017, out of sheer hard work and sacrifice, Zoe has self-funded the campaign, including the vessel and all equipment. The hard work has definitely paid off, with the team achieving formidable results, and setting new benchmarks in the traditionally male-dominated sailing world. “It’s not the norm to see a female owner and skipper out there leading a winning race campaign”, says Zoe.

Once more, Zoe is self-funding the team- however, she cannot do it alone and needs your much-appreciated support.

Be a part of the journey and Grace O’Malley’s legacy of forging the way for Women at Sea.

Support Zoe today!

Zoe Taylor would like you to support Breaking the Glass Ceiling of the Sydney to Hobart by making a donation and spreading the word.

The team races are year-round in preparation to be in peak performance for the ultimate Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

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