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In the New World of Work Pendragon realises that you have contractors, freelancers and employees all working in or through your organisation… That a contingent workforce will become more frequent in the future. What we do is look after managing all their salary needs through our Salary Management services… whether it’s for contractors or your own internal employees we have services such as Contractor management, MAXpay, Playpackets not Paypackets that benefit all parties and helps remove the burden of compliance and simplifies the process of employing, to make your life easier which will help your organisation and you become a leader in the New World of Work


Pendragon’s Payroll Support is a tailor made solution to meet an organisation’s certain requirements and payroll needs.

Our Payroll Solutions Include and are not limited to:

  • Payroll processing including gross and net pay
  • Super calculation and completion
  • Record Management and calculations of annual leave and long service accrual


Gain competitive advantage with a flexible workforce
Attract, select and retain the best people while reducing your overheads…
Pendragon’s Contractor Management Services provides a competitive advantage for your organisation in attracting, selecting and retaining the best people for the job whether they are local or international, temporary or permanent, long or short term staff. Reward your contractors by utilising Pendragon’s MAXpay salary packaging services – which creates a win win for all parties.


Since 1998 we have been assisting businesses just like yours!
Our team will assist you in securing international talent using our in-house migration agents, salary packaging and contractor/salary management services to help you get and keep the talent you want. Pendragon has been assisting businesses to help them attract and retain top contractor’ talent since 1998. Pendragon has a labour agreement in place which means we can sponsor overseas skilled workers under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 visa scheme on your behalf.


Pendragon is the premier outsourcing company in Australia that operates like no other outsourcing company – our Australian based staff work as if they are YOUR staff, on behalf of you and your organisation. The team at Pendragon are Australian qualified and experienced specialists, who assist you in the running of your back office in the most proficient way. With Pendragon you will receive great service and business advice, all while you and your organisation has TOTAL control!



    What’s your issue? We discuss with you what you want to achieve or overcome in your organisation


    We put together a solution to assist you to achieve your outcome or overcome your issue


    Ongoing development of the solution – we continually look at the service and suggest refinements where required


    We make sure our solution and service is seamlessly implemented with your organisation and adds value


Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of Salary Management, Back Office and Visa Services… we aim to make our team, your team, so that you have all the solutions at your fingertips to make life easier…

We are known for our open and honest dialogue, proven processes, agility to think outside the box, quick response, genuine passion to care about clients and their needs to get the job done.

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