Flying Uber – It’s Happening…!


Uber announced Hyundai will be the first partner making flying cars for its planned air taxi service. Last year Uber announced that Melbourne would be the first Australian city to get the company’s flying ride-sharing service – Uber Air. We now know that the first launch partner is Hyundai, which has a full-scale concept vehicle […]

Everything you didn’t know about the Contingent Workforce There was a time once when getting a full-time job was the main goal for workers, however, this decade has seen the average worker hold up to 10 different jobs. Although, today, holding a full-time job is still appealing and preferred by most people, a rapidly increasing […]

Are you launching a new business…? You must already know that companies of all sizes and scopes depend on payroll to pay their employees plus comply with federal and state regulations. Even though you may have only one employee (you), payroll is one important function that cannot be ignored. But do you know how do […]