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Secure your future in Australia
We can sponsor skilled workers and help with all migration options

Pendragon has a labour hire agreement in place which allows us to sponsor overseas skilled workers under the 457 Visa scheme on behalf of companies.

The 457 Visa Scheme allows you to travel to Australia and work in your nominated occupation for up to four years (for your approved sponsor). This Visa also allows you to bring your family to work or study in Australia. You are also able to travel in and out of Australia.

If you have a degree or three to five years experience in your industry, we can help you live your dream lifestyle in Australia.

The Benefits To You

Immigration (Visa) Services – we will organise your 457 visa and assist with your permanent residency when you are sponsored by us.

Salary Packaging – we salary package your pay, which enables us to increase your net income (your take home pay) each pay period.

Cost of Accounting – we organise and pay for your end of year tax return.

Tax Liabilities – we take care of all your tax liabilities through our PAYG payroll service.

$150k Death & Disability Cover – automatic cover when you choose Pendragon’s super fund (AMP).

Workers Insurance – we cover you for all the relevant insurances for you to legally work in Australia, such as workers compensation, professional indemnity and public liability.

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Other Visa Option

At Pendragon, along with our qualified Migration Agents we can assist with all aspects of migration including but not limited to; Skilled Migration; 457 Business Visas; Investment Visas; Spouse Visas; Company Sponsored 457 Visa and Employee Nomination Scheme (ENS).

To apply you must have a certain skill set to work in an approved occupation on the Department of Home Affairs Skilled Occupation Lists.

The following table gives a general outline of some of the Visas that might be available to you.

Visa Type Permitted Stay Restrictions
Tourist Visa Each stay up to
3 months
Not permitted to do any paid work.
417 WorkingHoliday Visa Up to 1 year Only permitted to work 6 months at the same company.
457 Business
Up to 4 years Must be employed by the sponsoring company and must meet the Market Salary Rate for the Occupation, which cannot be less than the minimum salary requirement of $53,900 (excluding superannuation) or the required market salary rate set by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection for that occupation/role.
Permanent Residency (PR) Skilled Migration (points system) Indefinitely There are no work or salary restrictions placed on this visa.
Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Indefinitely Must be employed by the Sponsoring company and be offered work for at least two years with them and be paid the correct market rate for the position.


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