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What is the ‘New World of Work’?

shutterstock_130358681Have you ever thought about what the working world was like just 50 years ago? You almost want to time-travel to go back and tell them all about the technology and ideas that have shaped the
world in the time since. It’s the hindsight that really helps us to understand the New World of Work.

Each decade has it’s own wonderful technological and ideological transformations; the time we’re in right now is no different and it is worth taking the time to analyse the changes that are happening to try and predict the future of what the world of work will look like in just a few years.

At Pendragon, we wanted to share our own thoughts and predictions surrounding this New World of Work – so, we created a book detailing everything we’ve thought about regarding the future of work.

Can we ignore this ‘New World of Work’?

Failing to prepare for the future of work could be disastrous. Regardless of whether you’re an employee, employer or not even in the workforce yet, the New World of Work is coming and ignoring it is unwise. Contact Pendragon to ask questions or make an obligation0 free appointment to discuss how the New World of Work , salary and contractor management can benefit your team and your organisation.

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