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Do you have either a degree + 2 years of relevant work experience…                                     Or 5 years of relevant work experience…                                                                                                             Yes      Is your occupation/ relevant work experience on one of these lists? STSOL or MLTSOL                 Yes Yes…!?? Then feel free to contact us to […]

According to Herman Aguinis’ research paper titled ‘The best and the rest: revisiting the norm of normality in individual performance’, which involved more than 600,000 researches, entertainers, politicians and athletes, the results found that “high performers are approximately 400% more productive than average ones”. According to Herman’s findings, the answer is simple right? Your organisation needs […]

With over 28 consecutive years of growth, an exchange rate that makes many products and services very affordable and a society and culture very similar to countries like the USA, UK, Ireland and many more – Australia is an excellent destination for many individuals to come and work here. What are the key things to […]

The Australian Immigration system is similar to the Human Resources (HR) department of any company. For instance, when an individual applies for a job in a company, they will most likely only qualify if they meet the skills criteria by having the appropriate qualifications and/or experience mentioned in their Curriculum Vitae (CV). The HR department […]