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The Morrison Government is stepping up its commitment to regional Australia by ensuring our migration system encourages skilled migrants to live and work in our smaller cities and regions. In March 2019, the Government announced it would reduce the permanent migration cap from 190,000 to 160,000 places, and within that set aside 23,000 places for […]

Doing business in Australia…? Having come from the UK myself as a migrant in 1991 I had to make my way in the Australian business world without any guidance. I now run 3 successful operations here in Australia ‘Pendragon Management’ a Salary Management and Visa company, ‘OZ Migration’ a pure Visa/Migration company and ‘Your Australian […]

Do you have either a degree + 2 years of relevant work experience…                                     Or 5 years of relevant work experience…                                                                                                             Yes      Is your occupation/ relevant work experience on one of these lists? STSOL or MLTSOL                 Yes Yes…!?? Then feel free to contact us to […]

According to Herman Aguinis’ research paper titled ‘The best and the rest: revisiting the norm of normality in individual performance’, which involved more than 600,000 researches, entertainers, politicians and athletes, the results found that “high performers are approximately 400% more productive than average ones”. According to Herman’s findings, the answer is simple right? Your organisation needs […]