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Australia’s jobs report for June has just been released, and it’s largely in line with expectations. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), employment grew by 7,900 in seasonally adjusted terms, slightly missing expectations for a gain of 10,000. The increase took the total number of employed to 11.94 million, the highest level on […]

A Poms view from downunder (Australia) Being a Pom living in Australia, I have been asked over the weekend what I think of Brexit so have decided to put my view and thoughts in writing. Well to begin, there are some questions: What have they done?… Do they really know?… Most probably not… In fact, […]

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the rules of the 457 visa, as a holder of an on-hire labour agreement, Pendragon get a lot of enquiries regarding its limitations. One thing we’re asked on several occasions is, “can I work for whoever I want?”…   In theory, yes, the 457 visa can allow you […]

Negotiating doesn’t come naturally to most people but with careful preparation and a basic understanding of what makes a workable contract, you will be better placed to negotiate a contract that works for you.   Contract negotiation is not something that should be seen as an ‘aggressive’ exercise. If you approach a negotiation with your […]