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With the Gig Economy taking over, and more people looking to become contractors or freelancers, getting your compliance straight can be confusing. You have to ask yourself, when are your contractors not contractors? Who should be paying tax, what tax is required, how does insurance factor in? It’s a confusing minefield, and if you take […]

Marketing, finance, IT and all the other basic departments that are required to run a successful business do not have to be done in house. While large corporation’s often have dedicated departments for all aspects of business, a smaller business may not be able to afford to have those dedicated departments or even employees.   […]

By definition, a recruitment company provides a service to both employers and job seekers, by helping to place those job seekers into a specific job for a permanent basis. This allows businesses to find suitable employees without the stress and hassle that can be associated with the process.   However, recruitment companies, who not only […]

With the ‘New World of Work’ requiring companies to have more flexibility with employee engagement, Pendragon Management, salary management specialists, will be partnering with APositive, cash flow specialists, to create a complete contractor management service where you will be able to outsource your payroll, compliance and cash flow needs, and it’s not just for contractors, […]