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5 tips that would help you in dealing with outstanding invoices and result in the success of your business… Cash Flow cripples companies of all sizes… If your money is not in your bank account, you can’t spend it on the things that you need, and often not the customers you expect who will be […]

An increase in highly skilled, contingent workforce has been driven by a complex combination of changing employer and worker attitudes and the rapid advancement of technology, led by developments in highly-advanced freelance management and marketplace platforms. With contract workers now making up 30% of the Australian workforce, and which is expected to increase to 40% […]

With the Gig Economy taking over, and more people looking to become contractors or freelancers, getting your compliance straight can be confusing. You have to ask yourself, when are your contractors not contractors? Who should be paying tax, what tax is required, how does insurance factor in? It’s a confusing minefield, and if you take […]