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With the ‘New World of Work’ requiring companies to have more flexibility with employee engagement, Pendragon Management, salary management specialists, will be partnering with APositive, cash flow specialists, to create a complete contractor management service where you will be able to outsource your payroll, compliance and cash flow needs, and it’s not just for contractors, […]

Change is inevitable, and digital transformation is infiltrating the workplace at an accelerating pace. In the words of Ross Harvey, Founder and Managing Director of The Yield, ‘If you want to have a future you’ve got to embrace it, understand it and engage with it… Digital transformation is about more than just technology. It’s about […]

It’s indisputable that office culture is essential to creating a productive and enjoyable workplace. However, with more companies looking to a contingent workforce, there is a question of how you incorporate contractors and freelancers into the culture.   Whenever you have contractors working with your company for the first time it’s important to be transparent. […]