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Can people make sure they think of the many, in these times, whether you think this whole thing is a hoax or not… please be aware that the actions of an individual or a small group could have consequences on the whole larger group or country… There are some simple rules… don’t be selfish, be […]

When we think of Christmas, we automatically think of an amazing holiday and marvellous celebrations on 25th December. Those originally from the northern hemisphere always like Christmas to be associated with the winter season, with the cold, snowflakes, decorations and warm fires. But, when you arrive in Australia, you will have to get used to […]

Dry July encourages people to give up drinking alcohol for July and invites people to sponsor them for their efforts. Participants can also nominate a cancer service where they want the funds they raise during the campaign to go. So, Go-Dry this July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. Are you ready to […]