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Uber’s “Jump” electric bikes will be trialled across Melbourne’s metropolitan areas from march 2020. Melbournians will be able to see available Jump bikes through the Uber app. They can also reserve them through the app and scan the bikes to unlock them. Uber purchased the e-bike start-up in 2018, which had been operating in San […]

Australia Is Open… just to let everyone out there know, We are open for business and open for tourism. Yes, we may have had tough times lately with horrendous fire; but Australia and we Australians are a very resilient bunch and we all look forward to working with you and seeing you down under soon… […]

Uber announced Hyundai will be the first partner making flying cars for its planned air taxi service. Last year Uber announced that Melbourne would be the first Australian city to get the company’s flying ride-sharing service – Uber Air. We now know that the first launch partner is Hyundai, which has a full-scale concept vehicle […]