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We all know incredible things happen when we bring people and dogs together. If you have a dog, you will definitely know the happiness and simple pleasures they bring in our lives, especially during these mad COVID times. Assistance Dogs Australia train and place unique dogs with Australians in unique situations. Their free-to-client assistance dogs […]

When we think of Christmas, we automatically think of an amazing holiday and marvellous celebrations on 25th December. Those originally from the northern hemisphere always like Christmas to be associated with the winter season, with the cold, snowflakes, decorations and warm fires. But, when you arrive in Australia, you will have to get used to […]

This month we must focus on the devastating Australian fires… and the tragedy that will unfold not only now but in months and years to come… Australia has been devastated by the fires in many areas recently and the full extent of the devastation will not be entirely seen until after the end of summer, […]





I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in making Pendragon’s 21 years in business a great time… We have managed to not only look after thousands of contractor’s payroll during that time and helped several thousand internationals get work visas for Australia… We have also put back over 1 million dollars into […]