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With the current situation going on, most of us are self-isolated with some actually working remotely, we all need a little bit of happiness and a companionship at the moment, and those fortunate enough to have pets have a clear way to escape from loneliness. National Pet Month is back and this time even better […]

Due to the horrendous bush fires recently, there was a lot of destruction of the natural habitat and food source of the koalas. They lost their homes and their lives to these widespread bush fires and excessive tree-cleaning. As you recall, in-order to further protect Koalas, their food sources and homes before they are gone […]

Australia Is Open… just to let everyone out there know, We are open for business and open for tourism. Yes, we may have had tough times lately with horrendous fire; but Australia and we Australians are a very resilient bunch and we all look forward to working with you and seeing you down under soon… […]

This month we must focus on the devastating Australian fires… and the tragedy that will unfold not only now but in months and years to come… Australia has been devastated by the fires in many areas recently and the full extent of the devastation will not be entirely seen until after the end of summer, […]