Employers seeking to use more flexible labour arrangements need to be aware that it is not enough to rely on the existence of an independent contractor agreement. The Courts are showing a willingness to look beyond the parties’ intention and focus on the real nature of the relationship.    The ACE Insurance case — what […]

Women in Australia continue to be under-represented in positions of leadership, according to a new report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.The release of Gender Indicators, Australia, brings together a variety of ABS and non-ABS data to look at the differences between men and women, and how these differences are changing over time.   […]

Last time I heard ‘Zed’s Dead, baby’ was from Mr Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, but this year represents a first for all companies. It is an exciting new year for recruitment of ‘noobs’ into your business because this is the year that the first of the 18-year-old Generation Zs (‘Zders’) enter the workforce and no doubt […]

If you’re feeling the pinch when you go to the super market you’re not alone. 2013 has seen an increase in the cost of living for everyone. From the cost of milk to a bag of apples… but who’s paying more the UK or Australia…  How much you can get out of your income after […]