Outmoded ideas by some ‘dinosaur’ employers are continuing to hurt Australian women, the ACTU says. Australian Council of Trade Uunions president Ged Kearney said employers must urgently move into the present century and stop repeating the mistakes of the past. ‘This International Women’s Day we call on employers to modernise their view of work and […]

An employee’s entitlement to a rest break, including lunch break, crib break and morning or afternoon tea break can generate issues for employers and employees.Most questions relate to the frequency of such breaks and whether a break is paid or unpaid and, if so, at what rate of pay. While there is no provision for […]

Employers seeking to use more flexible labour arrangements need to be aware that it is not enough to rely on the existence of an independent contractor agreement. The Courts are showing a willingness to look beyond the parties’ intention and focus on the real nature of the relationship.    The ACE Insurance case — what […]