Working Holiday Visa Programme – Fact sheet 49 . Australia’s Working Holiday visa programme establishes arrangements to encourage cultural exchange and closer ties between countries, by allowing young people to have an extended holiday, and supplement their funds with short-term employment. The programme has a special focus on helping employers in regional Australia to meet […]

It’s come to my attention that some visa applicants are considering moving from a Working Holiday 417 or Work and Holiday visa 462 to the Business Innovation visa stream to obtain a 457 visa. We would recommend taking caution with proceeding with any application under this route as this process is very demanding and the […]

Be careful if you are on a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday visa and you are coming close to the end of your six month work period with one company but you still have a period of stay left on your current visa (i.e you complete your six months in January 2014 but your […]