Doing business in Australia…? Having come from the UK myself as a migrant in 1991 I had to make my way in the Australian business world without any guidance. I now run 3 successful operations here in Australia ‘Pendragon Management’ a Salary Management and Visa company, ‘OZ Migration’ a pure Visa/Migration company and ‘Your Australian […]

Psychology Today: Inverse Relationship between Grades and Innovation. From a very early age in our education, we are always taught that the measure of success is in our grades. If you want to get into a good college or university, have the most of the opportunities, or get the best job… you absolutely need to […]

Why Should A Company Embrace Cloud Systems? The ‘cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ are two terms which are being used increasingly in a business context, but what is it and what are the advantages to converting to the ‘cloud’. In a sense, the cloud is a metaphor for the internet, and cloud computing is the delivery […]