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The Department of Home Affairs specifies the increased Visa Application Charges (VAC) for the majority of visas with the exception of the Subclass 600 Visitor visa.

The upsurges reflect a 2.25% CPI increase published in the 2019/20 Budget Paper No 1 AND the 5.4% increase announced in the Visa Application Charge (VAC)- Uplift announced as a part of the 2019/20 Federal Budget, a total of 7.65% increase.

These VAC increases take effect from 1 July 2019, except those for the new Skilled Regional visas which will come into effect with these new subclasses on 16 November 2019.

Below is the list of the most common visa application types along-with the new fees.

Subclass Visa Type Application Fee Primary Applicant Application Fee Secondary Applicant 18 and over Application Fee Secondary Applicant under 18
482 Short-term stream $1,265 (increased by $90) $1,265 $320
482 Medium term stream $2,645 (increased by $190) $2,645 $660
482 Labour Agreement Stream $2,645 (increased by $190) $2,645 $660
400 Temporary Work Short Stay $310 (increased by $25) $310 $80
186 ENS Permanent Residence $4,045 (increased by $290) $2,025 $1,010
190 Skilled Nominated PR $4,045 (increased by $290) $2,025 $1,010
189 Skilled Independent PR $4,045 (increased by $290) $2,025 $1,015
820/801 Partner $7,715 (increased by $555) $3,860 $1,935
600 Visitor $145 (increased by $5) n/a n/a
155 Resident Return Visa $405 (increased by $30) n/a n/a



Nomination Fee for 482 visas (all streams) – $330
Nomination Fee for ENS PR – $540
Subsequent temporary application charge – $700

The above mentioned are all the fees/charges that go directly to the Government. On top of these fees are the Government Labour Market Testing (LMT) charges. Lastly, additional professional fees from the Migration Agents or Lawyers may apply.

If you have any further questions about Government Visa fees, please do not hesitate to contact us… For more information on working in Australia, don’t forget to read our blog…!

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